Mosaic DIY Art Series

Create your own mosaic ornaments, wooden nameplate, and kitchen trivet in this series of hands-on events. All proceeds will go to fund the Perseverance Memorial

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A fundraising event for UpDayton

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The opioid epidemic has left a gaping wound across our community. Thousands of us have lost loved ones to the grip of addiction. The Wall of Perseverance project invites everyone impacted by this crisis to come together to construct a memorial wall and to place upon it mosaic tiles in honor of each of our loved ones. By uniting around this symbol of both loss and determination, maybe, together, we can begin to heal.

In April 2018, Jes McMillan pitched at the UpDayton Summit and was awarded one of three prizes to bring this vision to life. 

This Mosaic DIY Art Series is made of three "make and sip" events.  

Friday, November 30 - DIY Ornaments - 7:30pm (EVENT REGISTRATION CLOSED)

This event is great for date night! Each pair will receive 3 ornaments to decorate and a bottle of wine to share.  Solo participants will receive 2 ornaments and a bottle of wine.  Dessert will be served. 

Saturday, December 15 - DIY Wooden Nameplate - 11:00am (EVENT REGISTRATION CLOSED)

Each participant will be able to create their own personalized wooden name plate out of mosaic tile.  Mimosas and light snacks will be served.

Saturday, January 12 - DIY Kitchen Trivet - 11:00am (EVENT REGISTRATION CLOSED)

Each participant will be able to create their own kitchen trivet out of mosaic tile and enjoy a hot cocoa bar and snacks.

All events will take place at the McMillan Gallery, inside Tend and Flourish (1906 Brown Street, Dayton, OH 45409), and will last approximately 2 hours.

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UpDayton seeks to spur economic growth in the Dayton region by attracting and retaining young creative talent. UpDayton wants to show young adults that the Gem City is a great place to live, work and play. And if top-notch creative young professionals want to live in our community, then top-notch entrepreneurs, businesses and investors want to be here, too!