Mona's Group Safe Place

Creating safe spaces for women who have experienced abuse.

A fundraising campaign for Project Mona's House

Mona's Group Lynchburg is opening a new space for women in the community who have been victims of human trafficking, or any form of sexual abuse and/  assault. Our program is completely free, and we have a team that is capable to helping all participants to desire, the assistance to rebuild their lives.

We are looking to create a warm and cozy place to host our groups that will allow the women we serve to feel at home and comfortable.  

With your help we can reach or even exceed our minimal goal of $1000.00 to help create this safe space that will offering healing, community, sisterhood.

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About the Organization

The Mona's House Project is a program of Ramp Global Missions, a Christian Humanitarian organization that helps the homeless, orphans, and those exploited through Human Trafficking. Mona's House Project exists to shed light on the terrible crime of Human Trafficking and to restore those who have been victimized.

We accomplish this goal through:

Mona's Outreach- A program that raises awareness about human trafficking throughout the United States through seminars, classes, fundraisers, media, and more. We believe the first form of prevention is awareness, and we won't stop until everyone our message is heard by everyone. ​

Mona's Group- Mona's group is a support system that is designed specifically for women who have been victims or human trafficking or have worked in most capacities within the sex industry. ​

Mona's House- Mona's House is designed to help women 18 and older who have been victims of any type of human trafficking. Our programs are designed to bring healing to the whole woman through our 12 month program that is specifically designed for victims of...

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