Celebrate MLK50’s 6th Birthday!

Join MLK50 as we celebrate another year of wins. Support our truth-seeking, local accountability journalism with a donation in honor of our 6th birthday.

A fundraising campaign for MLK50: Justice Through Journalism

We covered a lot of ground in 2022:

As we think about what’s next for MLK50, we are reflecting on one of the biggest questions raised from last year’s work:

How can we extend our journalism to better engage the communities that get to the heart of our mission and link resources and policy to the people who need it the most? 

For our 6th birthday, we want to raise $10,000 to build on our community engagement efforts by adding capacity to our online and in-person events, creating an ecosystem of community partnerships, and offering physical distribution. 

Join us in getting our reporting into the hands of those who have not lost hope for a better Memphis.

Donate to our campaign today! 

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