Miracle Offering

Vision 2025: Help us to gain a bigger audience for God! A fundraising campaign to launch a new era at The Life Christian Church

A fundraising campaign for The Life Christian Church

Miracle Offering

November 5, 2017

VISION 2025: The Life Christian Church is launching a new era that will gain a bigger audience for God and fulfill our mission to inspire people to the life God dreams for them as we spread His love in ever widening circles.

A fundraising campaign to launch Vision 2025 at The Life Christian Church

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What is Vision 2025?

In 2004, the people of The Life Christian Church gave a $100,000 Miracle Offering as seed money to launch the design phase of what is now The Life Christian Church Worship and Mission Center. Thirteen years later – with the congregation four times larger now than then – we are asking people to pray and step out in faith to give a $400,000 Miracle Offering to provide the seed money to expand, multiply and gain a bigger audience for God, by providing funds to…

  • Multiply TLCC by launching our first multi-site campus in  Paramus,New Jersey.
  • Fund our +LIFE Local and +LIFE Global vision to "spread God's love in ever-widening circles."
  • Make a significant payment toward the principle of our mortgage thus freeing up more funds to serve our KPORT Children's Ministry, Redline Youth Ministry and other ministries that help us “inspire people to the life God dreams for them."

As we launch a new era at The Life Christian Church, we want to provide an opportunity for each of us to act in faith to give in a one-day Miracle Offering on November 5th. I simply ask that you join by prayerfully considering what contribution you in faith can make.

For more and better Life,

Pastor Terry A. Smith

Why a Multi-site Strategy?


Multi-site churches have exponential impact. They grow faster, reach more new believers than single-site churches, and have higher percentages of lay participation and volunteerism.

  • 85% of multi-site churches are growing at the rate of 14% per year on average
  • New campuses tend to attract and baptize more unchurched people than the original campus
  • Multi-sites have a greater evangelistic impact than church plants
  • Multi-sites spreads healthy churches to more diverse communities


Source: The Leadership Network/Generis Multi-site Church Scorecard – a survey of 535 multi-site churches across 12 countries representing 1.8 million people in weekly worship.

Spreading God’s love in ever-widening circles


+LIFE Local

Miracle Offering funds will help support volunteer efforts to serve…

  • The Newark YMCA emergency homeless facility;
  • Christine’s (soup) Kitchen in West Orange;
  • +Life Day of Service, serving about 1,000 people on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day;
  • Mentorship programs in Paterson, aimed at breaking cycles of poverty.

+LIFE Global

Miracle Offering funds will help support our work in:


  • Expand educational opportunities for children and teachers
  • Recruit and prepare for a medical missions trip
  • Provide The Life Hospital with needed medical supplies

    El Salvador

  • Support Child Development Center, which helps keep children safe from gang violence
  • Planning missions trip for spring 2018


  • Reach tens of thousands of people for Christ
  • Sponsor missionaries      

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