Milk Money and More Challenge

Something to moo about

A fundraising campaign for SECU Family House of Winston Salem

Goal: $5,000 to re-fill our Milk Money fund

For the first few years the Family House was getting on its feet, it was hit or miss whether or not guests found milk to fill their cereal bowl, eggs to scramble, or creamer to put in their coffee. Every day, they weren't sure what they might find in the fridge.

In 2015, knowing how important breakfast is for families, the Family House created a Milk Money fund. This fund is set up specifically to purchase coffee, milk, eggs, creamer, and for last minute meal purchases. Today, volunteers go on weekly grocery runs with money from this fund to purchase these items.

Because of these efforts, families know they can always find the right breakfast items in the kitchen. No stress. At last, families have what they need to start their morning off on the right foot.

But we need your help to re-fill our jugs!

$25 will fill the fridge with milk and eggs for one week. $50 will fill it for two weeks.  With your help, we can fill the fridge for 52 weeks!   Now that’s something to moo about.

Join us in our fundraising efforts!

1.Click the "Start Fundraising" button at the top of this page to create your own page.

2.Personalize your page. Share your story about your experiences with the Family House, add pictures—make people understand why the Family House is important to you and why it should be important to them!

3.Share it with your peers to reach your goal!

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