Michigan Wolverines Supporting Wolverines

Michigan alumni and students protecting wild wolverines

A fundraising campaign for The Wolverine Foundation

The wolverine is Michigan's mascot, renowned for its fierce reputation. If you're a U of M alum, this is your chance to help protect this species in the US and around the world, and show your support for your mascot! By supporting the Wolverine Foundation, the only organization devoted to the research and scientific management of wolverines, you can directly contribute to raising funds for research and conservation. We support researchers in the field, from the US to Canada to Mongolia to Scandinavia, as they learn more about this inspiring animal.

If you choose to make a donation, be sure to indicate your alumni chapter in the "comments" section of the donation form!  

The legend behind the mascot of the University of Michigan: In 1803 Michigan and Ohio entered into a border dispute referred to as the "Toledo War."  As the two states argued over the state line, Michiganders came to be called ‘wolverines.’  It is unclear whether Michigan natives pinned this name on themselves to show their tenacity and strength, or whether Ohioans chose the name in reference to the gluttonous, aggressive habits of the wolverine.  But from then on, Michigan was labeled the "Wolverine State." When the University of Michigan was founded, it adopted the nickname of the state it represented.  In 1923, UofM football coach Fielding Yost set out to find a wolverine as a mascot and in 1927, ten wolverines were obtained from Alaska and placed in the Detroit Zoo.  For football games, two of these wolverines were brought into Michigan Stadium and carried around in cages.  The legacy was born. 

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