Messages For Meds

CommunityHealth is fundraising for our MedAccess Chicago Pharmacy which provides life-saving medications at no cost to uninsured members in our community.

A fundraising campaign for CommunityHealth

Messages For Meds is CommunityHealth’s online giving campaign, completely volunteer driven by residents, staff, students and volunteers to fundraise for CommunityHealth's MedAccess Pharmacy.

Accessing affordable prescription medications is one of the greatest challenges facing low-income, uninsured individuals; even a small fee through low-cost retail pharmacy programs can be cost-prohibitive. Last year, over 30,000 prescriptions were filled at CommunityHealth’s MedAccess Pharmacy at no cost to our patients.  We're fortunate to have many supporters and partners that donate medications to our pharmacy, but for those that are not donated we have to purchase to ensure patients have access to the treatments they need to get better.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 through this campaign to offset the costs associated with medications that are necessary to our patients’ health care needs.  Help us stop sickness before it starts so we can make Chicago a healthier place for everyone. #MessagesForMeds

Your donation makes such a huge difference in our pharmacy. Here are some examples of what your donation could allow us to provide. (Note: gifts are not restricted to specific items but spent according to greatest need in the pharmacy)

$25 will provide Antibiotics for 1 Patient
$100 will provide 20 patients with Diabetes their medications
$1000 will provide a 3 Months Supply of Insulin Syringes  for our entire diabetic population

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About the Organization

Founded in 1993, CommunityHealth is dedicated to serving the uninsured and underserved in Chicago and surrounding communities. Every year, CommunityHealth provides more than 15,000 medical and dental visits to thousands of patients. CommunityHealth is a place where Chicagoans are helping Chicagoans. Our supporters are contributing to the education of the next generation of medical professionals, who are providing essential health care to those who fall through the cracks of the established system. Keeping these individuals healthy makes the city stronger, one individual at a time.