McDaniel·Knutson Fundraiser for Families in Crisis

Support local families who are facing homelessness during this crisis

A fundraising campaign for Family Promise of Lawrence

Matching Challenge

McDaniel Knutson Financial Partners and Help Us Move In (HUMI) have come together to create a matching challenge fundraising campaign for Family Promise.  We will match dollar for dollar up to $20,000 of donations.  If donations reach $40,000, McDaniel Knutson will contribute an additional $10,000, for a total fundraiser of $70,000!

Donate your CARES Rebate Check

Under the  Coronavirus Aid, Relief,and Economic Security (CARES) Act most Americans will be getting a $1200 check.  Depending upon income and size of family, it could be as much as a few thousand dollars.  The purpose of the check is to help offset economic losses.  If you do not need your check, we encourage you to donate all or part of it to help those who do!  With this challenge, your impact will be doubled.

Who is Family Promise?

Family Promise of Lawrence (FPL) has built a reputation for providing shelter, food, and hope for families facing homelessness. They are in their 12th year here in Lawrence and once graduates move into housing, 91% remain sustainably housed over a 2 year tracking period.   Please visit or watch the video here

What will they use the money for?

Homelessness is currently mushrooming due to the COVID-19 crisis.  Money donated to this fund will be used to help families through the HUMI Program.  HUMI is a national partnership with Family Promise National and the HUMI Foundation.  HUMI provides a model of supportive case management and community funding to ensure self-sufficiency and permanent sustainable housing. The goal of the HUMI Challenge Grant is to prevent family evictions and assist families with move-in costs using:

           · Rental assistance

           · Support for housing arrears

           · Move-in expense support

           · Security deposit support

Please Help

Today, perhaps more so than ever, what is critically important to each of us is clearly in focus.  Life is precious. Family and community are treasured gifts, more central to life than we may have realized in the busy and hectic days before life changed.

Through the still unknown challenges ahead, Family Promise of Lawrence will strive to serve local families on the margins. We will keep our focus as a beacon of hope and encouragement, advocacy and support.

We are working closely with other social service providers and with community leaders to move families in need as quickly as possible into safe housing.    All of us can take pride in the ongoing collaborative effort to safely house vulnerable populations.

Will you please offer your support at this critical time and make a gift today to ensure we are able to remain responsive to families’ emerging needs related to the coronavirus and its impact in our community?

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