10th Anniversary Embrace

Celebrating 10 years of support for moms from around the world and across the street, in free moderated safe spaces for brave conversations 24/7/365

A fundraising campaign for Mama's Comfort Camp - a project of CTA

Mama’s Comfort Camp and our parent organization Mother Up! create programs that connect mothers and amplify the voices of parents and caregivers, because when the caregivers are supported, the entire community thrives.

Did you know our Facebook groups are just the tip of the iceberg of a visionary organization? Our Mission: to normalize the struggles of motherhood, facilitate the asking (and receiving) of help, and amplify the voices of parents and caregivers in advocacy on racial and social justice. Our Vision: a world in which all are seen, heard, and held.

We leverage social media to uplift, connect, and heal. We serve thousands of mothers, meeting them where they already are: on Facebook. Our trained volunteer moderators watch over our forums in shifts around the clock, guarding our safe spaces. During the pandemic, we learned that supportive online forums can serve as infrastructure for community resilience, as essential as bridges and roads. We are committed to keeping our forums free for everyone, therefore voluntary contributions are so important to sustain our work.

What is Mother Up! and how is it connected to Mamas Comfort Camp? Mother Up! is an invitation to prioritize caregiving over profits and foster nurturing economic and social systems. This concept is a “brainchild” of MCC, where powerful conversations are the fertile ground for new ideas, projects, and fascinating stories that deserve a bigger stage and in-person interaction. Mamas Comfort Camp will still be the name of our Facebook forums, and Mother Up! is now the name of the organization that includes Mamas Comfort Camp and all the programs and projects our collaborations bring to life (list below).

Your support will fund:

  • Essential staff
  • Volunteer moderator training and scheduling for our online safe spaces
  • Production of our Listen to the Mothers Initiative programs
  • Scholarships and childcare stipends for our Motherhood is a Joke comedians and postproduction editing for our documentary film
  • Coordination of the #Parents2PollsTompkins polling place volunteers
  • Creative services: graphic design, photography, videography, audio editing for educational materials and outreach communications.

Our Programs

Mama’s Comfort Camp (MCC), our flagship program, is an emotional support network where moms from around the world (and across the street) generate support and comfort through conversation and shared experiences. We mobilize ideas and resources and provide peer mental health support for mothers and caregivers experiencing guilt, shame, anxiety—the leading causes of postpartum depression/maternal suicide. We serve thousands of community members in FREE lifesaving moderated “Safe Spaces” available 24/7/365. Moms of ALL AGES and stages can join us here: facebook.com/mamas.comfort.camp

The Listen to the Mothers Initiative tells motherhood stories through a range of creative endeavors. --Motherhood is a Joke: a stand-up comedy writing and performance program (initially a collaboration with the Kitchen Theatre), teaching the art of Rapunzeling: spinning motherhood struggles into comedy gold. The pandemic rendered this more important than ever. See Ithaca Voice Article about our May 8 showcase and WENY TV news video. The program story arc will be told in a feature-length documentary film co-produced with Uplifted Ithaca. The project continues in the Fall/Winter of 2021 and will center on the stories of mothers of color. -- Songs from the Abyss: exploring the mental health challenges of motherhood, mama poets will collaborate with musicians to compose melodies and write original songs together. This program is planned for the summer of 2022 and will culminate in a live performance and a recorded album. --Future projects in the discussion stage: Arting While Mothering, a visual art exploration of domestic life, community theater, TEDx Nurture, and more. Your support is needed to bring all of these creative plans to life!

#Parents2PollsTompkins is a nonpartisan volunteer initiative to remove barriers to voting. WENY TV news story.

The Ithaca Road Conditions Reports Forum is a crowd-sourced safety resource for traffic and snow conditions reports to help keep families safe on the road. Started 4 years ago by Mamas Comfort Camp moderators, it now has over 12,000 members of all genders and ages and is active year-round. Ask to join it here: facebook.com/groups/roadconsditionsithacaarea

* Is there a Papa’s Comfort Camp?  We sure hope there will be! We’re very interested in supporting the creation of a similar online support network for fathers. If you or someone you know is interested in being mentored by us, please reach out! We’d love to share all that we’ve learned in 10 years of refining moderation practices and online emotional support structures. 

IMPORTANT: Your donation will appear on your credit card statement as a donation to the Center for Transformative Action, NOT as a donation to Mamas Comfort Camp. We are proud to be among the projects who call the Center for Transformative Action home. CTA is an independent 501(c)3 organization affiliated with Cornell University since 1971, with the mission to help create communities that are socially just, ecologically sound, and that work for everyone. 

Prefer to donate by check?
Make the check to Transformative Action, and PLEASE mention Mama's Comfort Camp on the check memo field
Mail your check to
The Center for Transformative Action PO Box 760, Ithaca, NY 14851
Phone number for inquiries: 607-255-6202

Thank you for considering supporting our work. 
May you be seen, heard, and held.

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