Matching the 'Mittens Fund'

Together we will make a difference

Over the past year, TOGETHER, we have made a difference in the lives of those in our communities. Although, hopefully, the worst may be behind us, many of our neighbors are still struggling to overcome the effects of the pandemic. Will you help us continue to support those who are still deeply impacted by the hardships it caused?

You can do this by supporting our "Match the Mittens Fund" campaign.

This spring, despite vaccinations, some school re-openings, and extensive federally-funded supports providing some relief to the most horrific health crisis in 100 years, our relatives, friends, and neighbors continue to suffer. Of course, the causes and effects of poverty that are the core of SEVCA's mission long pre-date this once-in-a-lifetime event, but it greatly exacerbated and broadened those effects. The Mittens Fund provides a unique opportunity for SEVCA to enhance and expand services and to support our long-term capacity to effectively reduce and eliminate these and other future hardships in our communities.

Will you support SEVCA as we continue to serve those impacted by this dreadful emergency on top of so many other hardships suffered by Vermonters?

Your support in so many ways has provided essential lifelines that have helped us to help people weather the storm caused by this crisis. And that help is still badly needed.

Your matching gift to SEVCA's Mittens Fund will support the continuation and further development of effective programs to address the long-term effects of the pandemic for those who have not weathered the storm as well as others, and it will provide SEVCA with essential flexible funding to support the continued development of initiatives that maintain and increase our capacity to meet people's needs and improve their lives.

One creative way to "Match the Mittens Fund" to provide that help, for those of you who are able to do it, is to "pay it forward" with all or part of your Covid stimulus payment if you don't need it to cover your basic needs. But however you're able to do it, and at whatever level you can afford to contribute, your matching gift will be extremely timely, very effective, and greatly appreciated.



Steve Geller

Executive Director


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