Extending the Table This Thanksgiving

For many families, the grateful rest of Thanksgiving is an out-of-reach luxury. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, families need your help to celebrate!

A fundraising campaign for Live Greater

Everyone Should Have a Seat at the Table

With over 10% of the country facing unemployment and so many quarantining for safety, our families across the United States are facing a time where they feel vulnerable and lost. For many, these effects are compounded by domestic violence or illness. More than ever, the cost of a basic Thanksgiving dinner may be simply out of reach. For others, safety is such a pressing concern that the holiday takes a back seat. We believe that time with family, celebrating, and resting is important! 

Thanksgiving is a holiday for sharing with family, reflecting with gratitude. We don't believe that expenses should stop a family from enjoying this harvest celebration. With your help, we can set a seat at the table for families across the country who need our help.

Families in domestic violence shelters, families living in poverty, and people in homeless shelters will all receive Thanksgiving meals that they may not have enjoyed otherwise.

We are proud to partner with organizations in three states including Wichita Catholic Charities Food Pantries, Wichita Guadalupe Clinic, Humankind Ministries of Wichita, St Jude's Wichita Food Pantry, St. Joseph's Friary in NYC, Haven House of Buffalo, NY, and St. Gianna Women's Homes in Lincoln, NE. 

You can be a part of feeding over 6,000 people on Thanksgiving, across the USA. 

Would you join us in making the Thanksgiving meal possible for families who may not be able to afford it? Your entire gift will go toward supporting families in need. 

Your contribution--no matter its size--will make a big impact, helping make Thanksgiving a reality for struggling families. Providing time together with family, in the most critical year our country has seen in some time. 

Let's extend the Thanksgiving table! 

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About the Organization

The Live Greater Foundation exists to encourage people to live lives of inspired service, caring for those in need within their family, community, and world. To do this, we connect people with needs in their neighborhood and around the world! Live Greater Medical supports medical missions trips and international clinics, through support recruiting, marketing, and raising awareness. The Love Greater Project meets practical needs of at-risk communities, by partnering agencies meeting needs with organizations who believe service and are looking for a place to plugin! We can help your team fundraise and support causes that matter to you!