Bald is SO Beautiful — give to Lucy's campaign!

This flighty redhead will be carrion your heart away! Turkey Vultures like Lucy get their good looks from a diet that would truly kill a human. Respect, girl!

Did you know?

  • The Turkey Vulture is one of the few birds able to use its sense of smell to locate food.
  • Turkey Vultures don't have a voicebox. They can't sing or call. Their vocalizations are limited to hisses and grunts.
  • Though they look awkward and ungainly on the ground and must work hard to gain flight, they are graceful and elegant in the air, soaring in beautiful teetering flights across the sky. They rarely need to flap their wings.

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The Peregrine Fund--World Center for Birds of Prey

The Peregrine Fund works to conserve birds of prey worldwide.

The Peregrine Fund was founded in 1970 to restore the Peregrine Falcon, which was removed from the U.S. Endangered Species List in 1999. That success encouraged the organization to expand its focus and apply its experience and understanding to raptor conservation efforts on behalf of more than 100 species in 65 countries worldwide, including the California Condor and Aplomado Falcon in the United States.

The Peregrine Fund’s bold plan for the future: Drawing on past lessons and successes, our vision for the coming decades applies our expertise to emerging and accelerating conservation problems faced by raptors and communities around the globe. It is ambitious, specific, unifying, inspirational, measurable, and—most importantly—empowering to the people and communities who bring it to life.

Conserve Raptors:
* Prevent raptor extinctions
* Protect areas of high raptor conservation value
* Address landscape-level threats impacting multiple species

Engage People:
* Inspire people to value raptors and...

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