Little Sun People's Annual Fund

Investing in LSP's Legacy & Future of Black Excellence

A fundraising campaign for Little Sun People, Inc.

For 40 years and counting, Little Sun People (“LSP”) has been a safe,  and loving, and culturally affirming learning  environment in Brooklyn serving preschool learners from across the borough.

As Little Sun People embarks on the next 40+ years of providing culturally-relevant early childhood education with a focus on cultures of the African diaspora, we are excited to launch LSP’s Annual Fund!

The Annual Fund will be the bedrock of our fundraising each and every year, and in conjunction with other efforts, will fuel the mission of LSP and the vision for moving it forward.
The Annual Fund is the lifeblood of all fundraising efforts for LSP. The need is real and each child benefits. Beyond the very important dollars we must raise each and every year, your participation in the Annual Fund reflects the strength of our community, and our shared commitment to our students.

Whether our students are in-person or learning remotely, the Annual Fund is now more essential than ever. Contributions to the Annual Fund support immediate operating needs in this challenging and historic moment!

Tuition does not cover the full cost to provide an LSP education and unlike many of the big independent schools in Brooklyn, LSP does not yet have an endowment fund.  We rely on unrestricted funds from donors to bolster our work with our little learners.
Your unrestricted donations to the Annual Fund will give LSP the flexibility it needs to address its most pressing issues.

The Annual Fund will help pay for everything from professional development opportunities to technology maintenance and upgrades, from the electricity needed to keep the lights on to supplies, books, and enrichment opportunities for our students … and more!

More than filling an essential budgetary necessity, The Annual Fund will truly bridge the gap between adequacy and excellence. And is a necessary first step in ensuring Little Sun People thrives now and in the future!

Your gift means more than just dollars and cents. Your gift—at any level—signifies your belief in the extraordinary power of an LSP education.

Little Sun People is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and your donations are tax-deductible to the extent possible under the law. Interested in making a major gift donation to Little Sun People? Please contact us at

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About the Organization

Little Sun People, Inc.

For 40 years, Little Sun People, Inc. (LSP) has been providing a culturally-responsive education to preschool learners in Brooklyn. LSP is a unique community childcare center founded in 1980 by Fela Barclift (“Mama Fela”), mother of four and lifetime resident of the Bedford-Stuyvesant community. Like all parents, Mama Fela wanted the very best for her children. So, when it came time for her eldest to start preschool, finding a setting that was academically enriching while fostering a sense of pride and confidence proved to be a difficult task. It was at that moment the vision for LSP began to emerge. Necessity being the mother of invention, Mama Fela redesigned one floor of her Bedford-Stuyvesant brownstone and began to advertise her small, in-home family daycare program.

Fueled with the desire to impact the lives and fate of her own children but also the children in her community, it didn't take very long for Mama Fela to discover that she had found her life's work. Mama Fela quickly realized from the responses of the children and their parents that her program design and...

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