Love Your Local

Hudson County Restaurant Relief Fund

A fundraising campaign for Hudson County Chamber Foundation, Inc

Join us in supporting our local restaurants & food eateries throughout the county that nourish and sustain us. Donate now!

The economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit many sectors of our communities hard. Among those hit the hardest are locally-owned restaurants and eateries. Eating out was among the first of many economic activities severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We all have stories to tell and memories to cherish about our favorite restaurants.

Whether it was a family celebration, a wedding proposal, a baby shower, your most important client lunch or dinner ever, a first date, or it's the restaurant where you regularly unwind with good food and drink, we all have a story to tell, a memory to cherish when it comes to our favorite restaurants and eateries. This sector, a vital part of the local ecosystem in Hudson County, our communities, and our very lives, continues to be severely impacted by the many limitations social distancing requires.

That's why the Hudson County Chamber Foundation, Inc. and HudsonImpact! have launched this relief fundraising campaign called Love Your Local, to raise funds to support restaurants and food eateries, like our favorite coffee shops, delis, bakeries, and on and on.

We are committed to helping locally-owned restaurants survive this crisis. 

Funds raised through this campaign support the purchase of gift cards to local restaurants, which are available for purchase at deeply discounted pricing. To purchase a discounted gift card, please visit our Store at the Hudson County Chamber.

Let's all continue eating out, ordering in, and getting our to-go from  local restaurants! 

The following locally-owned restaurants and food eateries have joined us for Love Your Local. We encourage you to dine at a local restaurant, order your delivery or your to-go throughout the year from one of these local establishments. 

Thank you to our Investors for their financial support! 

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