Love We More

A fundraising campaign for Jahajee Sisters - a project of CTA

Support Jahajee Sisters to create a future where women, girls and gender-expansive people in our community are safe and thriving-- a future we deserve!

We invite your generous support for our Love We More Campaign! 

With radical self-love at the center of all that we do, we are building a world that loves us, and honors our dignity and humanity. As a community of women, immigrants, LGBTQ+ people, and gender-expansive people of color, we face many injustices-- from economic insecurity to reproductive oppression-- which make us vulnerable to violence. We are dreaming into a bold future where all people across the gender spectrum are safe and thriving-- a future we deserve! 

Will you join us in this cause and movement? Your generous donation to our work will help us to increase our impact in the Indo-Caribbean community! 

Jahajee Sisters plans to turn 2 part-time roles-- our Direct Service Manager and Advocacy & Campaigns Manager-- full time in 2023. This will allow us to get critical services like counseling, safety planning, mental health care, and immigration support to survivors of gender-based violence. It will also allow us to grow our outreach efforts to reach more people and bring them into our programs and organizing efforts. 

We thank you for your support and belief in our work!

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