Courage for Our Kids

Love is the first gift we give our babies.

A fundraising campaign for Become, Inc

Too many babies are dying before their first birthday. We can stop this. Stress and lack of resources contributes to this, especially for African American mothers. The antidote: healthy relationships and a strong social support system around them; in short – love.

Loving Community Learning Circles are teams of people we are bringing together in a community with high rates of infant mortality to create loving communities around mothers to save and raise healthy, happy babies.

Your support can help us, the Courage to Love Collaborative and Become, convene, train, and support these teams of parents, neighbors, and dedicated youth to succeed in reducing infant mortality and spreading love.

Please consider a donation today to help reduce infant mortality in Chicago.

All the donation levels support to incentivize and equip participants. In some cases, your support might be just that little extra they need to get to the Loving Community Learning Circle meetings. Your support can also help pay for other project costs. 

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