Liteblue - USPS Employee Portal


A fundraising campaign for Liteblue


The liteblue usps gov is an employee portal that has been established by the United States Postal service it is highly interested so that only the employees will be able to gain access to this website. Liteblue is absolutely secure and only accessible when you enter the employee ID and the password so there is no chance of confidential information breach. The login uses is own secure technology to protect the personal data and only the news pages do not contain sensitive employee data which is why they do not need additional security. Liteblue website has been segmented into safe and secure area to the non secure area so that you know where you are visiting.

It is one of the best online service portal that has been introduced by the United States Government and all the employees will be given to stay updated regarding their current payment information as well as even the trivial information. They will be able to get awareness regarding the USPS schedules, paycheck, benefits and a lot more so that they can stay connected with the company. It is compatible with the number of platforms which is why it can be accessed on the go and around the clock. Even if you are a new USPS employee you will be able to login to the liteblue account but you need to set up a secure service password in the beginning so that you can get entire access to the system. You will be able to operate this website on the mobile platform as well as the PC.

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