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Help us empower first-generation college graduates & the next-generation of diverse leaders who will change the world this NV Big Give!

A fundraising campaign for Leaders in Training

Leaders in Training students work hard. A typical student concludes the four-year high school program with approximately 400 hours of community service, 3 internships and thousands of hours in program empowering themselves, empowering one another and empowering our community. 

This year 24 Cohort 3 members, current high school seniors from 6 different high schools, will be finishing the LIT high school program. In June 2018, LIT will host a Senior Scholarship Celebration for these students and their families to honor the commitment and discipline they have had to be a student leader in their community. Each student will receive a $500 scholarship to go towards them becoming a first-generation college graduate and a diverse leader who will change the world.

This year LIT's NV Big Give goal is to fund all our seniors' scholarships to empower educational equity, college access and honor students for their dedication, perseverance and future commitment to use their education and success to give back to the Nevada community as a social justice leader. Thank you for being part of change from the community, for the community and donating towards a Cohort 3 members' LIT scholarship.

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About the Organization

Leaders in Training (LIT) empowers first-generation college graduates and the next-generation of diverse leaders who change the world. Through college access and attainment, leadership and critical consciousness development, LIT is empowering social justice leaders from the community, for the community.