Let's Support Sam and Hope as They Battle Cancer

A fundraising campaign for Live Greater

The Stryker team is a family. Right now, one of our team members needs your help. Let's stand by Sam, Hope, and their new baby as they fight breast cancer.

Sam Hoffman has been a member of the Stryker team since August of 2017. He's an amazing asset to his region, making quota for the first time in his first full year. In 2020, he and his family moved from the Spokane region to Northwest Indiana, to help support his sister, who was battling cancer. Just a few short months ago, she tragically lost her life. 

Sam's wife Hope recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Laney. She's healthy and well. But just three months after welcoming their baby girl, Hope was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. Hope is only 25 years old and has been a life long athlete, so this diagnosis was a shock to those who love her. 

She has endured two rounds of chemo with strength and grace, and needs several more rounds of treatment. As a mother to a young child, in a new region, this is an incredibly difficult uphill climb. 

We know that the Stryker team is like a family, and we want that family to rally around Sam, Hope, and Laney to support them in this incredibly difficult year. Right now, they are likely to face an unprecedented amount of expenses and could use our help. Would you make a contribution?

We want to create a pool of resources so that whether the family needs support for co-pays, child care, house cleaning, or other needs, they have what they need to make it work. 

Your contribution will also show Sam, Hope, and Laney that they have our complete, unwavering support as they forge the way ahead.  

**This site is not sponsored by Stryker.  It has been setup by supporters/friends of Sam across the business as a way to visually show support and raise funds.  100% of all donations will go directly to the Hoffman Family.

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About the Organization

The Live Greater Foundation exists to encourage people to live lives of inspired service, caring for those in need within their family, community, and world. To do this, we connect people with needs in their neighborhood and around the world! Live Greater Medical supports medical missions trips and international clinics, through support recruiting, marketing, and raising awareness. The Love Greater Project meets practical needs of at-risk communities, by partnering agencies meeting needs with organizations who believe service and are looking for a place to plugin! We can help your team fundraise and support causes that matter to you!