Lego League Campaign

A fundraising campaign for the new CURCS program at School No. 29

A fundraising campaign for CURCS

The Lego League Campaign

The Lego League Campaign is setting out to raise money for a new CURCS program at Rochester City School No. 29 – The Lego Acceleration Program. The goal of this program is to accelerate students who are at grade level and further prepare them for high school. The Rochester City School District currently has a graduation rate of 43%. This low graduation rate feeds into the cycle of poverty many city residents experience. Rochester has one of the highest childhood poverty rates for a city its size, over half of the youth in the city of Rochester live in extreme poverty. The Lego League campaign aims to inspire students and truly get them interested in school using a flipped classroom approach.  By broadening their curiosity about math and science through applied reasoning with hands on approaches all centered around the use of Lego® blocks!.The use of constructed response to various problem solving scenarios aims to further improve their English language Arts skills as well. We need your help to raise funds for the Lego Program so that we can purchase the materials needed to really launch this program! The Royal Lady Knights of State University of New York - Geneseo are  sponsoring the CURCS program in this effort as our non-for-profit. The Royal Lady Knights and the CURCS program thank you for your support!  


Various Lego® activities will be integrated into Extended Learning Time sessions to enhance mathematical reasoning and written communication skills. Students will use critical thinking to evaluate and reflect on the processes and outcomes associated with each activity. Developing a repertoire of problem-solving strategies through critical thinking will prepare students to excel in the globally competitive society that places more demands on students than ever before.

Example Week 1: Tower Challenge

Objective: Students will use the operation of addition to construct towers and reflect on the ELT session through written expression. Students will evaluate possible causes of structural strengths and weaknesses through verbal and written expression.

Materials: Dice, Lego® blocks, copies of student writing prompts, pencils

Example Week 2: Shake Table Tests 

Objective: Students will use the operation of multiplication to construct towers. Through written and verbal expression, students will provide explanations for the varying effects of width and height on tower stability. 

Materials: Lego® blocks, Dice, Pencils, Writing prompts, “Shake Table”

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About the Organization

CURCS: Connecting Universities to Rochester City Schools

The goal of CURCS is to target young, energetic and innovative college students as volunteers to serve as tutors, mentors and positive role models during the enrichment period of Expanded Learning Time schools.
1. Create and recruit for necessary college volunteer programs to serve in the ELT Rochester City Schools that show need for a specific program;
2. Collaborate with the seven Rochester area universities to establish connections with the fraternities, sororities, course professors, and colligate clubs to use the RCSD as an outlet for community engagement;
3. Recognize college volunteer programs that already exist within RCSD schools to establish a collaborative network to allow volunteer organizations at the seven Rochester area colleges to work together more effectively and efficiently.
CURCS is an innovative volunteering program as college volunteers are only required work a few hours a week during the semester with a strong supportive structure to ensure their satisfaction. The use of college students of...

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