Love is Kind Campaign

This Campaign will support all of the HSWM's programs, including the Legislative and Advocacy Committee and their work to support animal welfare.

A fundraising campaign for Humane Society of Western Montana

From Robin Childers, Chair of the HSWM Legislative & Advocacy Committee.

Finch was not the most loyal dog. He would have followed anyone down the street on the whispered promise of a Frito. But he knew that love was kind and reminded me of this every day that I knew him.

I can’t blame Finch for his general moochy-ness. Moochy-ness, combined with a sweet nature, is probably how he survived as a stray in Billings before he was picked up by animal control. He was transferred to a local golden retriever rescue group when his time ran out at the Billings shelter and I found him through the rescue group. I drove from Missoula to Billings to claim him after seeing a single blurry photo of a maybe-golden-retriever-mix. When we walked into the foster family’s home to see him in person for the first time, he raised his leg and peed on the wall. We took him home.

Because love is kind.

Finch was afraid of other dogs, but he had fearless faith in the kindness and good nature of human strangers. While I may never trust as blindly as Finch did and I am much less motivated by the whiff of a corn chip, he taught me to put more stock in my instincts and believe more open-heartedly in humanity’s goodness. After all, it worked for him. He never had to beg for another meal, hiked miles of trails in the woods, and was glad to know just about everyone he met. His life wasn’t nearly long enough, but he lived it well and loved with his whole heart.

I don’t know how to honor the memory of a dog (or anyone) best, except to carry some part of their creed into the future.

Finch believed unconditionally in human kindness. I joined the HSWM Legislative & Advocacy Committee some years ago to help codify human kindness in the laws of the state by preventing the cruelty and abuse of animals. This means I must talk to strangers and believe they will do the right things (eventually). I am practicing what Finch taught me.

Because love is kind.

Show your own kindness with a contribution today to continue HSWM’s advocacy work to prevent animal cruelty and abuse in Montana.

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