Legacy of Giving Campaign

Be part of a legacy of giving- donate to Great River Rescue and help us continue to provide quality care to shelter animals.

A fundraising campaign for Great River Rescue

Each year, Great River Rescue works to save, care for, and find homes for hundreds of companion dogs and cats.  We take-in stray, relinquished, abandoned and otherwise homeless pets and provide for all of their needs.  We also spay/neuter every pet prior to adoption to help fight pet overpopulation.  Each pet is given individualized care and attention until the best possible home can be found.  We provide a safe refuge for companion animals, and a place where individuals and families can find new forever friends.  We make lifelong companionship happen!

Great River Rescue is a private, nonprofit organization that depends on community support to continue our work.  We take-in and adopt about 30 animals per month.  We receive no funding from local governments, or national animal welfare organizations.  Each month, it costs about $15,000 to provide proper care, attention, and facilities for each pet.  

Throughout the year, Great River Rescue operates on a deficit.  That means that the end of the year is a very important time for us.  We must overcome our deficit to start 2017 on the right foot.  Right now, we need an estimated $40,000 in donations to avoid a net loss for the year.  Will you step up and help us overcome this deficit?  No contribution is too small.  All donations will help us cover this deficit and continue to provide the highest quality care for shelter pets.  

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About the Organization

A private nonprofit animal shelter. We take in abandoned, lost, and unwanted animals and care for them while they wait for their permanent homes.