Learning Web's 2019 Bowl-A-Thon!

Help Keep the Ball Rolling: Learning by doing...youth becoming adults

A fundraising event for The Learning Web

Event Information

Saturday, November 02, 2019 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Where: Ithaca Bowl-O-Drome, 401 Third Street

Learning Web’s Youth Exploration and Youth Outreach Programs enable youth to develop a sense of connection, take pride in contributing to their community, and build the competencies necessary for their transition to adulthood.

“I learned I could have goals. I learned that I am a good person. . .I’ve learned to trust more.”

-Kara, age 16

Your donations help Kara & 500 other youth we serve each year!

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About the Organization

Young people—adolescents and young adults—are The Learning Web’s reason for being. Assisting them on their journey to adulthood is our mission. Our program foundation is the community-based, mentor-apprentice/ hands-on learning experience — a model that connects young people with adults, sparks a passion, helps youth learn life skills and envision a rich future; all helping youth evolve into engaged citizens who value themselves and their community.