Latinas in Nursing Award

A fundraising campaign for Bronx Community College

Edelmira Alers for Latinas in Nursing Award, was established by Dr. Melissa Coss-Aquino, Associate Professor of English, in loving memory of her mother. Her mother, Edlemira Alers had wanted to be a nurse, and worked for many years as a medical assistant.


About Edelmira Alers

Edelmira Alers was born in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico and came to NYC at five years of age. 

She had only one child and many health challenges from a young age, including substance dependence.  

She worked as a medical assistant and had dreams of becoming a nurse. Those dreams were never realized. However, she had a wonderful sense of humor and a desire to see others progress and overcome their own obstacles.

This scholarship was inspired by her nursing dreams and the wonderful care she received at the Terrence Cardinal Cooke Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Receiving culturally sensitive care made her last years significantly better.

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