Laps for Literacy- Naperville Marathon Races 2017!

Fundraising is FUN when you support our RUN! Click 'Make a Donation' to give to the Laps for Literacy Team or scroll down to donate to a specific LDP Hero!

A fundraising campaign for Literacy DuPage

Literacy DuPage is participating in the Naperville Half Marathon and 5K on October 22. We would be thrilled by your support for this event and for our organization.

Donate TODAY to Laps for Literacy!

Every dollar you give makes a difference to our community, the people we serve, and our team:

    • Every $700 raised will provide tutoring and support for the lifetime of a learner in the Literacy DuPage program!
    • Our Runners have pledged to raise a minimum of $150 each. Show your team spirit and help them meet their goals while supporting Literacy DuPage! 

    • Donate $25 or more to be entered into our raffle drawing to win prizes and gift cards from local businesses- more details below.

Raffle Drawing PRIZES 

#1 Tasting DeVine: Wine Tasting Certificate for up to 6 adults
#2 Signature Fitness Naperville: The Gift of Wellness, includes 3 month complimentary membership, personal training session and complimentary massage
#3 BlackBerry Market: Punch card for 10 FREE Cinnamon Rolls (yum!)
#4 Cooper's Hawk: Complimentary Lux Wine Tasting for 4 adults including a gourmet chocolate truffle!

Winners will be contacted via email and/or phone.  Thank you to our raffle sponsors!


Our Literacy DuPage Running HEROES: 
Patrick Flickinger
Mary Howenstine
Teri Laliberte
Therese McMahon
Ixta Rosa
Sue Talbot
Laura Wickramasinghe
Tori Sargis
Dan Dahlke
Katie Dahlke
Bob Garcia
Kristen Clark
Paul Lindholm
Finley Winters
Bob Sheets
Carol Garcia
Nick McMahon
(ADD your name here!)

Our fundraising goal of $10,500 will provide free

tutoring and support for the lifetime of  

15 NEW LEARNERS in the Literacy DuPage program!


Every little bit helps us help learners like the family of Pablo and Linda (story link here) to improve their English skills and gain the confidence to find work and live their dreams.

We Train Tutors. Tutors Change Lives. Join Us!

Thank you for your donation and support!  

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    About the Organization

    Literacy DuPage recruits and trains tutors who teach adults English.

    Since 1972, we’ve been equipping a big hearted army of tutors to sit side-by- side with adults who cannot understand, speak, read, or write English in DuPage County. We provide volunteers with materials, techniques and confidence they need to help adults shatter language barriers and experience a whole new world of communication and connection. After tutors complete training sessions they are matched with their adult learner. The learner and tutor decide on a convenient meeting time and place – often at the local library.

    Instruction is highly personalized and free. The learner chooses specific goals - understand street signs, apply for a job, tell a bedtime story, or decipher prescription labels - and the tutor offers practical instruction to help the learner achieve their goals. This highly personalized approach produces results, builds relationships, and strengthens families and communities.

    Every year, Literacy DuPage serves more than 500 adult learners in more than 30 communities throughout...

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