Lancaster Cares - COVID-19 Response Fund

Support critical needs for Lancaster County families during this crisis.

Support Lancaster Families during the COVID-19 Crisis

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Viruses don’t discriminate. COVID-19 is impacting families across Lancaster County in ways we have not before experiencedThat's why Lancaster County Community Foundation and the United Way of Lancaster County are supporting Lancaster's families and their most critical needs. If you, or someone you know, needs help right away, visit 2-1-1 or access the Tabor Community Services / Lancaster Housing and Opportunity Partnership Resource Guide.

Through Lancaster Cares, we have immediately committed $250,000 to seed emergency funding for those affected by the pandemic. Through our joint, trusted relationships with local community benefit organizations (nonprofits), we can reach residents efficiently and effectively to address emerging challenges. We commit to working with organizations that can quickly turn dollars into help for people that need it.

As a first step we are addressing three important areas:



Please join us in supporting these essential services and supporting the families we work with, live among, and play beside across Lancaster County.

The Lancaster Cares fund is designed to complement the work of public health officials while expanding local capacity to address the outbreak as efficiently as possible. Initially, grant funding will support nonprofit organizations that provide food, housing and emerging critical needsThis focus relies on organizations that have proven track records in providing community safety nets and the ability to work responsively and in coordinated fashion with other agencies meeting essential needs of populations made vulnerable by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a time for Lancastrians to support each other and each do our part to support our neighbors and strengthen our community today so that we may thrive together tomorrow.

100% of your donation will go to direct support.

Lancaster County Community Foundation EIN: 20-0874857

Learn more about how the fund works here


Check donations to be made payable to United Way of Lancaster County, with “Lancaster Cares Fund” in the comment section.:

United Way of Lancaster County

1910 Harrington Drive, Suite A

Lancaster, PA 17601

Apoya a las familias de Lancaster durante la crisis del COVID-19

Los virus no discriminan. Cada comunidad tiene personas con diferentes riesgos. Nuestra comunidad es tan saludable como la persona más vulnerable entre nosotros. Es por eso que “Lancaster County Community Foundation” y “United Way of Lancaster County” están apoyando a las familias de Lancaster y sus necesidades más importantes.

Nos hemos comprometido con $250,000 para crear el fondo de emergencia para los más afectados por COVID-19. A través de esta alianza, relaciones de confianza con organizaciones de beneficencia locales (Organizaciones sin fines de lucro), podremos ayudar a los residentes más eficiente y efectivamente para combatir los retos que vengan.  

Primeramente, vamos a trabajar en estas tres importantes áreas:

Comida, Alojamiento, Necesidades Emergentes

Por favor ayúdanos a apoyar estos servicios esenciales y a las familias con las que trabajamos y vivimos en el Condado de Lancaster. 

El fondo “A Lancaster le Importa” fue diseñado para complementar el trabajo de los oficiales de salud pública y expandir la capacidad local para hacer frente al brote epidemico de la manera más eficiente posible.Inicialmente, el financiamiento apoyará a organizaciones sin fines de lucro que proporcionan alimentos, vivienda y necesidades críticas emergentes. Este enfoque se basa en organizaciones, que han demostrado registros de seguimiento en proporcionar redes de seguridad comunitarias y la capacidad de trabajar de manera receptiva y coordinada con otros organismos, que satisfacen las necesidades esenciales de las poblaciones vulnerables por la pandemia COVID-19.

Este es un momento para que los Lancasterianos se apoyen unos a otros y cada uno haga nuestra parte para apoyar a nuestros vecinos y fortalecer nuestra comunidad hoy para que podamos prosperar juntos mañana. 


United Way of Lancaster County moviliza el poder solidario de nuestra comunidad
 para centrarse en apoyar las iniciativas de salud, las innovaciones en educación y el desarrollo de apoyos financieros para eliminar las barreras sistémicas y poder acceder a los pilares de una vida de calidad para todos.


La Fundación Comunitaria administra $100 millones en activos comunitarios, y está más involucrada en crear a una comunidad extraordinaria en el condado de Lancaster que nunca ha existido. Trabajamos codo con codo con personas como tú que se preocupan por el condado de Lancaster. Juntos, convertimos ideas en acciones e inversiones en legados que fortalecerán nuestra comunidad durante generaciones.


Donaciones en cheque pueden ser hechos a nombre de United Way of Lancaster County, con “Lancaster Cares Fund” en la sección de comentarios:

United Way of Lancaster County

1910 Harrington Drive, Suite A

Lancaster, PA 17601


23 Local Organizations Receive Lancaster Cares funds

April 24, 2020

We are proud to announce another $50,000 in investment to 23 local community benefit organizations to meet the unfolding COVID-19 crisis in Lancaster County.

Thanks to your support of the Lancaster Cares Fund, the Lancaster County Community Foundation and the United Way of Lancaster PA are able to provide support to vital local programs meeting the need of your friends, neighbors, and family such as food pantries, outpatient services, tele-medicine, addiction counseling, outreach into the Plain Community, and more.

See the full list of grant recipients

We are extremely honored and thankful to be able to partner with these organizations thanks to your extraordinary generosity. Thank you for your commitment to Lancaster County, and we look forward to updating you about the next round of grant funding next week.

Have a safe an enjoyable weekend,

The Lancaster Cares Team

$160,000 invested from Lancaster Cares into the community

April 17, 2020

The first rapid response dollars have been invested locally to meet the COVID-19 crisis in Lancaster County.

Thanks to your generosity, Lancaster Cares has raised more than $800,000 that will directly support residents of our community. Major gifts from Rodgers & Associates, Truist Cares Fund, High Foundation, Arconic and more than 600 individuals have been part of this extraordinary community effort to support Lancaster neighbors, families, and residents.

Dollars from Lancaster Cares are already at work through investments in Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and LancCo MyHome. Each organization received an $80,000 grant this week to expand their capacity to support growing demands for food security and shelter needs.

Read more

Stay tuned for weekly updates as we continue to invest rapid response dollars into Lancaster County to meet emerging needs! Your support is invaluable as we work together to meet this unprecedented crisis.

Thank you for all you do to show that Lancaster Cares,

The Lancaster Cares team

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About the Organization

Lancaster County Community Foundation and United Way of Lancaster County

United Way of Lancaster County mobilizes our community’s caring power to focus on supporting health initiatives, innovations in education, and developing financial supports to remove systemic barriers towards accessing the building blocks of a quality life for all.

The Community Foundation manages $100 million in community assets, and is more involved in emboldening extraordinary community in Lancaster County than ever before. We work side by side with people like you who care about Lancaster County. Together, we turn your ideas into action and your investments into legacy that will strengthen our community for generations.