Labor and Employment Law Program

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A fundraising campaign for ILR School

ILR’s Labor and Employment Law Program brings together social scientists and attorneys with the goal of addressing contemporary labor and employment law and workplace issues to influence litigation and public policy decisions. Your gift to this program will support: events featuring leaders in the field; legal repositories, including the Title VII Class Action Consent Decree Repository and the ADA Case Repository; and programming on criminal justice and employment.

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About the Organization

The ILR School is tackling today’s most pressing workplace issues. Our faculty and students are thought leaders on the future of work, technology, the gender pay gap, global labor practices, human resources, compensation, disabilities, inequality and conflict resolution.

Our prominent research impacts policy, industry and academia, while our curriculum prepares students to become leaders in the global world of work.

At ILR, we provide students with an exceptional social sciences education and practical professional experiences which prepare them for the global world of work.