Knox County COVID-19 Response Fund

A fund to support local non-profits providing essential services for those affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

A fundraising campaign for United Way of Greater Knoxville

Viruses don’t discriminate. But we are only as healthy as the most vulnerable among us. 

That's why United Way of Greater Knoxville is releasing $50,000 in emergency funding to support non-profits that are serving those affected by COVID-19. We are asking you to join us in supporting these essential services.

Right now in our community, schools and businesses are closing, the economy is slowing down, and some people are even being laid off. With the COVID-19 crisis affecting every person in our community, local non-profits are stepping up to the plate. Whether they’re providing meals for children out of school, rent assistance for laid off families, or health services to our homeless population, agencies in our community are working hard to ensure that during this crisis, our neighbors do not suffer.

United Way of Greater Knoxville, the Alliance for Better Nonprofits, and the East Tennessee Foundation have collaborated to launch the Knox County COVID-19 Response Fund to support local non-profits providing services to individuals in our community affected by the coronavirus crisis. Any agency in our community that is serving our struggling neighbors can receive funding to help them through this crisis.

Times like these are when we show what we’re made of. Let’s embody the volunteer spirit and do everything we can to help our neighbors and keep each other safe.

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