Knight Pride COVID Relief Fund - FINAL PUSH!

A fundraising campaign for Christian Heritage Academy

Our #UKNIGHTED response to the challenges of COVID-19.


With just over two months left in our fiscal year, we've raised just over 68% of our $150,000 annual goal!

Considering the limitations on our fundraising events that we’ve faced this year, we are praising the Lord for those funds.  In fact, I believe that the Lord will continue to be faithful through a final push to raise the remaining funds by June 30.  However, it will require our #UKNIGHTED efforts to reach out and spread the word.

3 Ways You Can Help Us Make This Final Push:

  1. Post on Social Media - share a link to this fundraiser on social media and tell people why CHA means so much to your family and your children
  2. Send an Email - send a link to this fundraiser by email to people you who love your family and value the opportunity your children have to receive a Christian education
  3. Make a Donation - gifts of any amount are appreciated and will be applied directly to educating our students

Since 1980, families, students, donors, faculty, and staff members have made great sacrifices to provide Christian education here at CHA. Now, we must all come together in a #UKNIGHTED effort to preserve the future of our school. With the Lord’s help through the generous hearts and hands of people like you, we can overcome the uncertainty of this time and move forward in faith to partner with families to encourage, equip, and educate students towards their God-given potential with excellence.  

Through June 30th, I’m prayerfully asking for your financial support and participation in this final push to $150,000!

Now is the time to #UKNIGHT together so that current and future students can continue to receive the blessing of Christian education at CHA. Now more than ever, your gift will make a difference in the lives of our students!


Tony Quist
Head of School

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