Kiss the Moose

Bring back the magic of the moose!

A fundraising campaign for Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music


What is it about the magic of the moose that compels everyone to kiss it at the end of each session? It’s a long-standing tradition and a game-changing event that seals everyone’s fate when we kiss the moose! We are completely given over to all things Apple Hill. We belong! In fact, an adult student who has been coming to Apple Hill for 31 years finally kissed the moose this summer. The look on her face said it all—she is an Apple Hiller for life. 

But the current moose is a sad representation. Why? Well a few years ago, we had a break-in and the moose was kidnapped and destroyed! 

Next time you visit Apple Hill for a concert or session, check out the moose—a stand-in for sure until we have a new one that befits the importance of its role as the mascot of Apple Hill. 

You may be saying to yourself right now, “Why should I care?” If you are a student, an alumni, or a faculty member, we don’t need to tell you how crucial your financial support is. If you attend our concerts but have never been a student, or if you have never been to Apple Hill—have never kissed the moose—here’s your chance to belong! Contribute and you will be “kissing the moose” with your support. And you will feel that magic right away just like our students do! 

Donate today to support the new moose and the behind-the-scenes stuff that is critical to making Apple Hill so meaningful to us all: 

1.    A new moose! 

2.    A new adult/faculty cabin

3.    New bricks and lighting for the walkway, making Apple Hill accessible for everyone

4.    A new irrigation system to perk up the garden that provides us fresh greens

5.    Upgrades for the kitchen to support our Food Service that provides 15,000 meals per summer

6.    A ping pong table: A ping pong tournament is another important Apple Hill tradition, which like chamber music (especially doubles), requires teamwork, listening (not really), watching, adjusting, sensitivity, and flexibility.  

With donations of all sizes, we hope to reach this year's goal of $20,200 by August 31.  

The first $1,000 in gifts to the Kiss the Moose campaign will be matched by a generous donor!   

If you prefer to donate by check, you are welcome to send your gift to: 

Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music 

P.O. Box 217

Sullivan, NH 03445

Learn more about us at

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Winner of the 2015 CMAcclaim award from Chamber Music America and the Ewing Arts award from NH’s Monadnock region, Apple Hill is a non-profit arts organization situated on 100 acres of fields and woodlands in rural New Hampshire that builds long-term learning relationships between professional and student musicians of all ages, levels, and cultures. The organization offers educational and mentoring programs each year to 300 students on-site and to thousands more throughout the world while producing approximately 60 concerts each year. These concerts feature Apple Hill’s resident ensemble, the Apple Hill String Quartet; Workshop faculty; and students in venues throughout N.H., the U.S., and across the globe. Over 50,000 students from around the world have attended Apple Hill’s workshops since its founding in

Central to the mission of Apple Hill is Playing for Peace, a program about the power of diversity and acceptance. In an effort to break down walls, students with cultural, ethnic, religious, economic, and political differences are paired together. In small ensembles,...

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