Kids Connectivity Emergency Fund

At this time in which we find ourselves when kids need the internet for school, communication, enrichment, and social connection, the internet is a basic need.

A fundraising campaign for Keene Housing Kids Collaborative

It is our mission to connect kids to activities and opportunities in the community. In this time of Covid-19, all opportunity for children – school, recreation, enrichment and social connection - has moved online. Internet access is critical for keeping children connected to their community and to learning.

Not all children, especially those living in households struggling to make ends meet, have access to the internet at home. And now that coffee shops, libraries and other public places are closed, free wifi is no longer available.

We want to ensure that every student living in Keene Housing has access to reliable internet and to a device that they can use to do schoolwork, communicate with their teachers, connect with friends, and access enrichment and learning opportunities.

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