Kickathon 2021

Join us for the 13th Kickathon Fundraising Challenge!

A fundraising event for Sun Dragon Martial Arts & Self Defense, NFP

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10:00am Saturday, November 06, 2021

Kickathon 2021

In the weeks before the event, students engage in active fundraising to reach their personal financial and sponsorship goals.  The day of the event, participants of different age levels get to complete their own kicking goals and participate in a community celebration.  For some of us it’s our favorite day of the year.

On November 6, 2021  we will gather for a kicking marathon (hence KICKATHON).  Our youngest students will do two hundred kicks, while older kids do five hundred.  Adult members will continue on and accomplish the task of a thousand kicks each.

Register now as an individual or as a team to start fundraising today.  Encourage your friends to join in!  Every fundraiser gets a 2021 Kickathon shirt. 

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About Sun Dragon

Sun Dragon Martial Arts and Self Defense is a nonprofit karate and self-defense school with a focus on social justice, personal empowerment, and peacemaking.  Our self-defense program is built on teaching concrete skills that will enable students to make themselves, their families, and their communities safer; such as learning to recognize unsafe situations, deescalate conflicts, speak against injustice, and, finally, physical self-defense skills.

Sun Dragon prides itself on making karate and self-defense training available to anyone, regardless of ability to pay or physical limitations.  Funds raised through our Annual Kickathon go directly to expanding our scholarship and violence prevention outreach programs, providing access to these skills to under-served communities and families who wouldn't typically be able to enroll in a martial arts program. 

Our doors are open to people of all races, genders, ages, and sexual orientations.

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