Keys to Success for Generation Next

Giving Forward to the Next Generation

A fundraising campaign for OAI Inc

OAI Inc. is delighted to join the #GivingTuesday movement this year!!! After celebrating Thanksgiving and Black Friday, remember to support people working to transform their lives for the better. Businesses need skilled, committed employees. People with skills and commitment need employment. Our team at OAI, Inc. goes above and beyond to connect the two.

This year, OAI Inc. is fundraising for the young adults we serve. They come from communities where unemployment amongst their peers is as high as 47%. We believe that giving young adults the skills to be productive members of society stimulates the economy, mitigates crime, and offers lasting meaning and identity.

Check out some of our programs below:

Manufacturing Careers Internship Program:
This internship program puts young adults on the fast track to steady employment with a job readiness bootcamp followed by an 8-week paid internship at a local manufacturing company.

Regional STEM Learning Exchange in Manufacturing:
Connecting Chicago Southland high schools with area manufacturing companies to promote career pathways. Students receive certificate training in machining and dual credit with regional community colleges.

Robotics Challenge:
Our network of business partners provides mentorship to high school students interested in the field of manufacturing. They even get opportunities to put their practical experiences to the test when they compete against other students.

SouthWorks MakerLab:
Using technologies such as 3D printing and scanning, laser cutting, desktop CNC mills, and Arduino programming, OAI is creating opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in the making of things. Young entrepreneurs come together at the MakerLab to learn the technology, prototype their product ideas, work on a passion project, and possibly start a business around a product they’ve designed.

Strengthening Working Families Initiative:
This initiative provides young parents with hands-on education and training in healthcare, manufacturing, or information technology and connects them to the child care resources and other supportive services they need to succeed.

Young Manufacturers Association:
Our partners are building a pathway to connect young adults living in high-risk, high-violence communities on Chicago’s West Side and in south suburban Cook County to professional and personal success. Our goal is to increase participants’ awareness of economic opportunity, increase their leadership role in their community, improve their access to training and employment, and reduce involvement in violence.

In this season, it's important to remember that we are not defined by what we have. We are defined by what we leave behind. Donations from generous supporters strengthens our services by giving us the tools we need to expand our outreach and lift more communities out of poverty.

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