Cayuga's Watchers Giving Day

Cayuga's Watchers is running a ground campaign on Cornell's campus to raise awareness of our mission! Help us reach our goal so we can keep the party safe!

A fundraising campaign for Cayuga's Watchers
Today marks Cayuga's Watchers' first ever Giving Day, where we are reaching out to our community and supporters to fundraise!
As you may know, Cayuga's Watchers relies entirely on donations to fund our operations. The following statistics provide a brief look into our current financial situation:
  • Since our founding in 2012, we have raised and spent over $200,000 to staff 218 events
  • Staffing 1 event with 1 watcher costs an average of $210
  • The average event has 4 watchers
  • Sending Watchers to an event costs $1.40 per minute (factoring in training, wages, payroll fees, marketing, and other costs).
If you would like to learn more about the financial side of our organization, please read our most recent blog post from our Vice President of Finance.
Additionally, all donations made today will be matched by a private donor. Any financial support you can offer today would allow us to further our goal of making Cornell's campus, and even other college campuses in the future, safer for everyone. 
Thank you for your consideration. Without your help, the work of Cayuga's Watchers would not be possible.
The Cayuga's Watchers Executive Board

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About the Organization

Cayuga’s Watchers is a student-led 501(c)(3) independent organization designed to mitigate the harms associated with high-risk drinking while promoting student safety at Cornell University. We aim to become an established national model for combating high-risk drinking by promoting peer social responsibility at Cornell University.