JTK Bike Shop


A fundraising campaign for JTK Bike Shop

Through the love of Christ, JTK Bike Shop mentors local teens in building bikes, building character and building futures.

One of the most interesting things about JTK Bike Shop is that it has NO affiliation with any church or government agency. It is a "grassroots" endeavor born of the heart of a person recognizing the need to equip young teens with the necessary life skills to embark on their first job experience.

     At JTK Bike Shop the students are partners in this project and have a shared responsibility for its ongoing success. We collect donated bicycles and repair/restore them to working condition. The bikes are then donated to local families or sold to the community at greatly discounted rates ($5-$15).

 Our students have assigned roles in the bike shop including sales team, accounting (the students write the checks to pay our bills), shop steward, purchasing (monitoring and reordering supplies), student mentoring, creative arts and gardening. JTK Bike Shop strives to be a "good neighbor" so we have created a small garden on an empty plot of land and we hope to have our own vegetables soon. We also organize community bicycle rides every 6-8 weeks.

JTK (JesusTheKing) Bike Shop..without Him, none of this would be possible!                We believe with all our hearts .. "We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength."-Phil 4:13 

JTK continues to be blessed by God's goodness time after time.  We honor God by continuing to study His word and apply it to our daily lives. Our practice is to walk in the Light of Christ not in the darkness of our world. Each week we learn a new story from the Bible.  We have a handmade Bible timeline on our kitchen wall to reference and add to as we learn. Christ is the firm foundation of this project.

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