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Our goal is to offer free support to vulnerable communities, who are at risk for COVID-19 with a higher potential of developing severe disease.

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Healthcare delivery solutions must not only target patients but address the true concerns of the patient-

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paramount to curving disease prevalence and improving healthy behaviors

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WHAT: Given the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable communities, has the opportunity to provide a crucial and cost-effective healthcare solution at a time of acute need, while also testing and validating a longer-term tool for high-quality remote healthcare delivery.

WHY: Black or African American, Non-Hispanic Americans experienced 2.6x more cases of COVID-19, 4.7x higher hospitalization rates, and 2.1x higher deaths than White, Non-Hispanic Americans. Hispanic or Latino patients had 2.8x higher number of cases, 4.6x higher hospitalization rates, and 1.1x higher deaths (CDC, 2020)

WHO: Vulnerable communities have been affected by systemic inefficiencies predated COVID-19 but were exposed when the virus ravaged persistently vulnerable populations. The patient’s entire community will benefit from protecting local primary care and the reduced community exposure by a COVID-19 patient who is appropriately managed and quarantined at home rather than traveling to the ER.

WHERE: Initial work has begun in New York, Georgia, and California. Rapid geographic expansion is currently possible as we scale to 18 states!

HOW MUCH: Thanks to our technology-enabled remote service, we have a targeted cost of $10 per 14-day virtual encounter for each patient, including a face-to-face online visit with a volunteer physician.

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About the Organization

Our goal is to support the "worried well" in vulnerable communities, these are individuals at risk for COVID-19 with mild and moderate severity, but at lower risk of developing severe disease. By doing so, we can protect local primary care capacity to focus on those with moderate COVID-19 severity and high risk for severe disease, along with high yield primary care (chronic disease management, cancer prevention). Our software was built to support COVID-19 clinical services including virtual screening, monitoring, testing, and education.