Joey's Fund

In memory of Joey, support our HSWM Foster animals and families to help them get the start they deserve.

A fundraising campaign for Humane Society of Western Montana

Joey was a product of one of the first litters in our foster program. Joey was beloved in our community and everywhere he went. Our foster program is for animals that need a little extra care. Whether they are too young, sick, or overwhelmed by our shelter environment, our foster families provide care and love to animals in need. We have created this fund to honor Joey and support our foster animals and families so that they get the start they deserve.

Here is a message from HSWM Executive Director, Marta Pierpoint:

"Last night one of the earliest foster pets from HSWM crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  This is his story…

Sixteen and a half years ago Joey (aka Leo) was a puppy at my home.  At that time our family was the puppy foster program for the HSWM.  I believe there were a few kitten foster families but in general the program was loose and small.  Joey was a product of the early years of our foster program.  I called his litter the “sit and stare” puppies because they were so attentive, Joey especially. When he was only 5-6 weeks old Joey would come up to people, sit down and look deeply into their eyes.  I knew my brother, who was pretty much a cat man at the time, had to have him.  When Joey reached eight weeks our parents drove Joey from Missoula to Los Angeles to meet Eric. 

Their bond was instantaneous and the beginning of over 16 years of love between  Eric and Joey.

Joey went everywhere with Eric; he is an actor, and brought Joey to as many shoots as possible.   In recent years Eric took Joey on road trips to conduct research for historical fiction he was writing.  They were quite the team, bopping around the country visiting libraries monuments and forgotten territories.  Everywhere they went the sit and stare puppy turned dog, made friends.  Their research road trips were productive and Eric published two books for middle readers, The Last Ride of Caleb O’Toole and The Secret Mission of William Tuck.  The books were award winning and Eric and Joey hit the road again to read chapters to school children.  Joey was the icebreaker at the many schools they visited.  At this point no one is sure if Eric or Joey has the bigger fan club.  One thing is certain; many people across the country will miss Joey’s sweet nature and kind eyes.  RIP Joey. 

Joey’s Fund is dedicated to Joey, all the foster pets who are now grown, and all our foster families who give pets the beginning they deserve."

Marta R. Pierpoint


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