The Jayson Rome Living Legacy Fund

A fundraising campaign for New Roots Charter School

Keep Jayson's legacy alive by investing in teachers who are as passionate about our students and the New Roots mission and vision as he was.

Jayson Rome was part of the team of founding teachers who brought the New Roots vision to life in 2009, inspiring students to engage deeply with their education and themselves to find passion and purpose in life.

Teachers like Jayson are the heart and soul of our school, transforming young lives by driving innovations in teaching and learning.  The ripple effects of their impact on our students and school are profound and far reaching.

Thanks to the inspired work of teachers like Jayson, in 2017 New Roots Charter School was named one of the ten leading "green" schools in the nation.

Our teachers need your inspiration and support to sustain and deepen the life-changing quality of education offered at New Roots Charter School.

Jayson and other members of our founding team of teachers received the benefit of over $200,000.00 in federal start up grant funding for professional development to initiate this ground-breaking work.  In sharp contrast, we do not have access to federal start up grants today.

Please consider joining other friends of New Roots to create a living legacy in Jayson's memory by investing in our New Roots teachers.  Together, we can express gratitude for their vision, their caring, and their commitment to students, school and profession by helping to make their professional development dreams a reality, and by recruiting colleagues who share their passion and their commitments.

In his 46 years, Jayson built a far-flung community with those he cherished — his family, friends, students, and, at times, even complete strangers, if they needed his help. Jayson's unique and ferocious ability to see and to draw out the positive in others—often when they could not do so themselves — inspired many to attain seemingly unimaginable goals.  Among the most cherished periods of his life was helping to found New Roots. He taught Mathematics and Computer Science with a verve that captivated even the students who thought they hated those subjects, and introduced students to wrestling as both practice and metaphor.  Never was Jayson's generous spirit, passion, and love for community so prominent as when he was down on the mat, mixing it up with his students. He encouraged them to tackle him, to tackle school, to tackle life proudly—and without regret.  His was a brilliant mind, a gentle soul, and a pure heart.  

Thank you for being part of creating a living legacy of inspiration by investing in our brilliant teachers!

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