Jahajee Turns the Tide for Gender Justice

A fundraising campaign for Jahajee Sisters - a project of CTA

Jahajee is making waves. We boldly smash the patriarchy and challenge cultural norms that are the roots of violence. We believe survivors — we support them to be seen and heard as they speak their truth, to feel whole as they begin their healing journey, and to claim their power as feminist leaders creating change. 

With our ancestors guiding us, Jahajee is turning the tide for gender justice. When you turn the tide, you change things — usually dramatically, and for the better.  This is our purpose and why we do this work in our community.

Today, we invite your meaningful support. Help us to increase our services for survivors and advocate for the needs of Indo-Caribbeans on the city and statewide level. Together, we can make waves for decades to come.

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