Ithaca Free Clinic IAGF 2021

Give the gift of health!

A fundraising campaign for Ithaca Free Clinic

This Year give the Gift of Health!

The past two years have been difficult on everyone. The pandemic has changed our lives on every level — how we school our children, how we spend time with loved ones, and how we shop.

The pandemic has also highlighted the importance of having access to quality health care when you have the need for such care.

The gift you make today, in the name of a loved one or friend, will support the Ithaca Free Clinic's ongoing mission to provide access to quality health care to our family, friends and neighbors without health insurance.

Your support plays an important role in providing needed access to health care in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Together we can help.

Together we can make a real difference.

Together we can give the Gift of Health!

Best wishes for a safe, healthy and happy holiday season!

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