Ithaca Generator - Electronics Lab

Professional-level workstations for diagnosing electronics and making the brains of your next giant robot!

A fundraising campaign for Ithaca Generator

**A generous donor is matching all contributions for this campaign! This means the impact of every dollar you give will be DOUBLED!**

Electronics work is at the core of our Makerspace (and the maker movement!) - but it's been a while since we've updated our equipment. 

This campaign is collecting funds to purchase enough supplies to set up three workstations where members can perform advanced functions - whether they are just learning or a seasoned pro. 

Your donation will help us provide the following:

2 30V/10A Benchtop Power Supply Eventek
2 Multi-meter Extech
2 Digital Storage Oscilloscope Rigol
2 USB Logic Analyizer Saleae
3 Soldering Iron Hakko
3 Assorted Soldering Iron Tips Hakko
2 Magnifying Lamp Generic
2 USB Microscope Adafruit
1 Hot Air Rework Station Yaesu
3 Workbench w/ Shelving and Power Strips
3 Adjustable Height Stool Generic
3 ESD Mat / Wrist Strap Bertech
2 Solder Spool (0.031 inch diameter) Kester
2 Solder Spool (0.062 inch diameter) Kester
10 Assorted Dupont Jumper Wires EDGELEC
3 Solderless Breadboards MCIGICM

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About the Organization

We envision a future where every person has access to the tools and the training they need to make their dreams a reality. We operate a physical campus where people can work in proximity to each other, share resources, and collaborate. By offering classes, we introduce a new generation of makers to exciting and cutting edge techniques alongside traditional wood- and metal-craft. Social events and open-houses cultivate a network of artists, engineers, designers, students, builders, fabricators, and teachers to find new connections and produce ‘AH-HA!” moments.

Our mission is to bring people together around their passions and interests while promoting the joys and values of making, in all it’s forms. To cultivate a problem-solving mindset and become a hub for endeavors which build a thriving, robust local and regional economy which celebrates the arts and sciences.