Help Inviolate Initiative Reach Our Goals for 2022

Inviolate's goals include providing more psychological evaluations in areas of need outside NYC, while keeping up with the ongoing need here. Show your support!

A fundraising campaign for Inviolate Initiative - a project of CTA

Please support Inviolate’s 2021 year-end fundraiser!

Inviolate is preparing for new projects in 2022, including:

- expansion of our partnerships to provide psychological evaluations in immigration cases outside of NYC, and

- creation of additional educational publications on psychological evaluations in the immigration context.

Show your support today.

Expanding Inviolate's Impact on the Individual Level

Inviolate connects immigrants with culturally sensitive mental health professionals for psychological evaluations that are needed for their immigration cases.

Most of our cases are NYC-based, and we maintain our commitment to this community--but we’re also receiving requests to help in cases outside of NYC. Please help us make this possible.

At Inviolate, we continue to expand access to psychological evaluations for immigrant survivors of domestic abuse and trafficking in time-sensitive cases involving applications for

- Asylum,

- Relief under the Violence Against Women Act (I-360 Self-Petition, I-751 Waiver, 42B Special Rule Cancellation),

- U visas (for survivors of certain qualifying crimes), and

- T visas (for survivors of trafficking).

For immigrant survivors who are Indigenous; queer; children under 10--Inviolate has continued, and has delivered. For our Spanish-speaking applicants for asylum or U visas who survived domestic abuse, for the woman who asks for a woman mental health professional to provide the psychological evaluation in their shared native language--Inviolate continues, and delivers.

Please make it possible for us to expand our impact beyond NYC while also keeping up with the ongoing demand within the five boroughs.

Expanding Inviolate's Impact on the Community Level

In addition to the evaluations themselves, we provide written resources in English and Spanish for clients, clinicians and attorneys regarding psychological evaluations in the immigration context. We are preparing numerous publications as we look ahead to 2022, and your support will make it possible for us to continue doing this, as we share valuable information with the community involved in psychological evaluations in the immigration context.

Please give to Inviolate today in any amount that feels right for you. 

With gratitude,

The Team at Inviolate

Inviolate Initiative is a Project of the Center for Transformative Action (CTA), a 501(c)3 organization. When you donate toward this campaign, the payment is made to CTA, which allots the funds to Inviolate Initiative. The name Center for Transformative Action will appear on card transaction statements.

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