One small thing can make a big impact.

Thermometers are necessary. Inhalers are vital. Our patients need you. Our patients need us.

A fundraising campaign for Family Health Partnership Clinic

This is an unprecedented time, as you know,  with COVID 19 stressing our community. People worry about being able to get the care they need, and worry that they are sick.

Now imagine the added worry of not being able to pay for healthcare, especially if you’ve just been laid off - like so many over the past 6 weeks. This is why our clinic is more important than ever.

Our phones are on overload with people needing healthcare. Patients still need medication for chronic diseases, and they need to be healthy enough to stay out of our stressed emergency rooms. Many people are telling us they cannot get care any other way. People who are sick, and who are afraid.

Patient needs continue in this unprecedented time. We need thermometers to help patients with their recommended use during our pandemic. And maintenance inhalers for patients to keep them breathing easier and staying well.

You can care for so many in our community during this uncertain time.  Even with a small donation.

You can provide care to those in our community who desperately need it now more than ever.

You can help people stay out of the emergency room.

You can keep our community as healthy as possible.

Your donation today will make that possible. 

Thank you for your past support. You've made someone healthier.   Without you, we could not care for those who need it most.  

Truly amazed by the love for our patients.

May 5, 2020

There are many times when our staff believes we have experienced the utmost of generosity.  That the generosity shown to our patients could not be stronger and more beautiful.  And, just when we feel we are among the BEST of your compassion, sharing and generosity, you show us you are even BETTER, always humbling us.

YOU show us you have so much more you to make happen. - so much more love to give our patients.

Thank you ♡

The total at this moment for thermometers and inhalers for our patients is over $2,300.  ♡

Together we can meet our patient needs. Thank you.

May 4, 2020

We are ever closer to meeting the unprecedented demands from COVID19 because of your support.  Our patients need and you care.  Thank you.

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