In Honor of Diane Mendez (Whitaker)

Honoring the life and legacy of Diane Mendez, and her love for books and reading. All funds will go directly to the library at The Newburgh Armory Unity Center.

A fundraising campaign for Newburgh Armory Unity Center
Diane Mendez (Whitaker) was born and raised in Newburgh and spent most of her adult life in the area as well. Her greatest passion in life after family was her love of books. She was a librarian for many years and was an avid reader and book collector. Some of the fondest childhood memories we have are of her reading us stories at home and always taking us to the public library to explore and grow. Because of how much books and reading meant to Diane, we have partnered with the Newburgh Armory to ask for donations in her honor to support their library for local children. It would be a great contribution to her legacy to know that family, friends, and other supporters helped to share her love of reading with the children of our community. 

Thank you,
The children of Diane - Laura, Michelle, and Jason Mendez

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