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If 150 alumni make a gift by Feb. 29, our Parents Council will provide the remainder of funds needed to sponsor a second Alumni Opportunities Fund Grant!

A fundraising campaign for Macaulay Honors College
Show the love and join the growing number of Alumni donors.

Alumni participation is a key statistic that major donors and foundations look at when considering investing in Macaulay. Over 900 Alumni have supported Macaulay.

❤︎ GIVE $14 

Where does the money go?

Your contribution will support the Macaulay Alumni Opportunities Fund! Every $3,000 raised provides a transformational opportunity for a student to study abroad, pursue an unpaid internship, or conduct independent research.

Never Given Before? It’s Easy

For this special occasion, we’re sending our 1000th alumni donor (overall) a Macaulay gift box including a T-shirt, mug, frisbee, PopSocket and more. And no matter what you give, we’ll share news from the student grant recipient!

For more information please visit macaulay.cuny.edu or email brianne.donnelly@mhc.cuny.edu.

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