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Our new Alumni Opportunities Fund provides a way for Macaulay graduates to support current students

A fundraising campaign for Macaulay Honors College

Alumni-to-Student Connection

Help us raise money for the new Macaulay Alumni Opportunities Fund! The grant is a way for Macaulay graduates to show the love to current students. Every $3,000 raised will provide an opportunity for study abroad, internship with pay, or work in a research lab.


Never Given Before? It’s Easy

And no matter what you give, we’ll share news from the student grant recipient. 

For more information please visit macaulay.cuny.edu or email brianne.donnelly@mhc.cuny.edu.

#1 –it gave me the chance to experience and appreciate first-hand the beauty within other cultures and regions of the world

#2 – When I arrived in Tokyo, I never felt more alone yet more alive Got to learn Spanish in Spain with my best friends

#3- because it gave me the freedom to explore, not only my interests and passions, but the world

#4 - My donation is to help other students travel and experience studying abroad.  

#5- The opportunities fund allowed me to study abroad in South India and London. I backpacked and couchsurfed through Western Europe during my semester abroad and grew so much as an individual. I'm really grateful for the fund!

#6 - Happy to be a part of the NEW Alumni Opportunities Fund! It's a great feeling to give current students the chance to explore the same amazing opportunities we did. I studied in London, and I'm grateful to still be involved with Macaulay!

#7 -Always happy to support the Macaulay students when they need it the most.

#8 - Money to study abroad gave me some of the best experiences of my life, and I never would have be able to afford a trip on my own.

# 9 - the extracurricular opportunities provided by Macaulay in conjunction with funding from the Opportunities Fund is what made Macaulay a unique and remarkable undergraduate experience.”

#10 - I hope this goes to the Opportunities Fund, which was life-changing for me!

#11 - I'm grateful to Macaulay for all that it has given me

#12 - My time at Macaulay has been such memorable experience from student life events to service/study abroad trips due to the Opp Funds. The support and guidance by the Macaulay faculty, as well as the friends I made throughout my 4 years, has been a blessing.

#13 – Study abroad in Capetown, South Africa

#14 – because it not only gave me a fantastic education, the opportunity to study across the globe (Argentina, South Africa & China), but it allowed me to meet a very special member of the class of 2008.   We can’t wait until our own members of the class of 2035 and 2038 experience the same joys.

#15 - Three study abroad programs, a reputable degree, and lifelong friends—Macaulay gave me so much during my undergrad years, but it also helped pave a path for a career, a life partner (also from City, Class of ’09), and a daughter—hopefully class of 2038!

#16 - the inspiration, the rare opportunities, and a one-of-a-kind education that have molded me into who I am today. 

#17 – Study Abroad in Spain

#18 - Internship at Human Rights First

#19 – Study abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica

#20 - I'm proud to give to Macaulay Honors College so other students can have the same enriching experience as me.
#21 - Study abroad in Krakow, Poland
#22 - Study abroad in Kunming, China
#23 - Study abroad in La Rioja, Spain
#24 - Study abroad in London, England
#25 - Study abroad in Nanjing, China
#26 - Study abroad in Paris, France
#27 - Study abroad in Perugia, Italy
#28 - It gave me experiences that I am grateful for today
#29 - the CUNY Honors College Program was an integral part of my education and I wouldn't be where I am today without it.
#30 - Family oriented surroundings and a helping hand for our community and students
#31 - Macaulay has provided me with so much support and opportunities to achieve my goals
#32 - I am now on my way to completing my Masters and starting my PhD. This would not have been possible if I didn't have the opportunities and financial support that MHC gave me.

#33 - Macaulay set me up for success. I wouldn't be what I am today without it
#34 - I love Macaulay!
#35 - I couldn't be more thankful for the experiences, relationships, and successes I've gained because of Macaulay.
#36 - Forever proud to be part of the Macaulay community!
#37 - Thanks for the opportunity to get a world class education. Will always be grateful!
#38 - I give every year because I am so grateful for everything that Macaulay gave me and truly owe my success to the opportunities Macaulay has provided me. Thank you!
#39 - I am proud to give to the future of Macaulay!
#40 - I am happy to contribute to Macaulay for all it did for me!
#41 - I owe many of my current success to the Macaulay program!
#42 - We are donating in honor of our wedding. We met at Macaulay!
#43 - Macaulay has supported and believed in me furing my four years of study as an undergrad. As an alumna, I am happy to give back and contribute to help other students succeed and enjoy their time at Macaulay, as well.
#44 - Study abroad in Salamanca, Spain
#45 - Study abroad in Prague
#46 - Study away in Washington, DC
#47 -Study abroad in Seoul, South Korea
#48 - Everything I have today, every success point that I've reached in my career professionally also personally is because of Macaulay.
#49 - Study abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia
#50 - Study abroad in Tel Aviv, Israel
#51 - Study abroad in Taipei, Taiwan
#52 - Study abroad in Rabat, Morocco
#53 - Study abroad in Sicily, Italy
#54 - Thank you Macaulay for the life-changing educational experiences that have built me towards the successful career I have today
#55 - For the opportunities and friendships, past, present and future
#56 - I honestly couldn't be luckier to have studied abroad with such amazing people.
#57 - Study abroad in Bali, Indonesia
#58 - Study abroad in Athens, Greece
#59 Study abroad in Bangalore, India
#60 - Study abroad in Cairo, Egypt
#61 - Study abroad in Berlin, Germany
#62 - Study abroad in Barcelona, Spain
#63 - Study abroad in Cambridge, England
#64 - Study abroad in Amsterdam. Netherlands
#65 - Study abroad in Dublin, Ireland
#66 - Study abroad in Geneva, Switzerland
#67 - Study abroad in Sri Lanka, Kandy
#68- Study abroad Kunming, China
#69 - Study abroad in La Rioja, Spain
#70 - Study abroad in Perugia, Italy
#71- Studying abroad through Macaulay at Baruch was one of the best experiences of my life! Glad to pay it forward.


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