Ithaca Free Clinic Giving Tuesday 2021!

Today, You can give the Gift of Health and Double the Impact of Your Donation!

A fundraising campaign for Ithaca Free Clinic

Today, we are asking for your help.


Your support is important.


Here’s why…


Your gift helps the Ithaca Free Clinic continue to be the vital resource our community depends on. Your gift provides health care services to our community’s uninsured. Your gift is needed to ensure that the critical health care services the Free Clinic supplies are available to those in need, like Linda.


Linda's Story...

Linda is a young woman with limited English-speaking skills and without health insurance, who came to the Ithaca Free Clinic looking for help. Linda was ill, missing work, and in danger of losing her job.


With help from caring individuals like you, Linda saw a medical provider at the Free Clinic who discovered her thyroid gland was not functioning properly. The medical provider wrote a prescription for medication and made a referral to a local Endocrinologist for further testing.


Linda could not afford the necessary prescription medication. The Free Clinic was able to cover the cost of Linda’s prescription because of support from community members like you.


The Endocrinologist, in partnership with the Free Clinic, supplied care and testing at no cost to Linda. While waiting for test results, Linda worked with Free Clinic Patient Support Services to apply for and receive Medicaid health insurance coverage. Personalized patient support services are possible because of donors like you.


Test results showed that Linda was suffering from a life-threatening condition and was in immediate need of thyroid surgery. Staff and volunteers worked with Linda’s new Medicaid provider to ensure that her surgery, hospital stay, and post-operative expenses were covered. Clinic staff, providers, Linda, and Linda’s employer worked together to schedule surgery and set up post-operative care that worked best for Linda. Being able to provide this level of patient care and support is why the gift you make today is so important.


The surgery was successful, and Linda quickly recovered. Today this young woman is healthy and has returned to work. Without access to the healthcare and support services provided by the Ithaca Free Clinic, Linda’s condition may have gone untreated, resulting in job loss, serious long term medical challenges or even death. Your support of the Free Clinic makes a real difference in the lives of those we serve.


Linda is alive and well today because of the support provided by you and community members like you: community members who understand the vital need for Free Clinic healthcare services for our uninsured family, friends, and neighbors.


The Ithaca Free Clinic receives no state or federal funding. So we need friends like you. Friends whose support pays for the vast array of Free Clinic healthcare services available, at no-cost, to our uninsured community members in need.


Please consider making a gift to the Ithaca Free Clinic today. Your support, no matter the amount, will help ensure that the Free Clinic is open and free to all those in need.


With your help, vital health care services for our community’s uninsured will be there when they need them the most.


Thank You for Your Support!

The mission of the Ithaca Health Alliance is to facilitate access to health care for all, with a focus on the needs of uninsured persons.

IHA, now in its 24th year of community service, is a 501(3)(c) charitable organization.

IHA lives out its mission in our community by operating the Ithaca Free Clinic, now in its 15th year of community service.

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