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Some people say that arts not necessary. 

But for a senior lady suffering with Alzheimer’s a salsa class is an opportunity for her to get close and for connections with her peers. 

They say there are more important things than art. 

But for a struggling playwright seeing her words on stage is the only thing that might give her hope. 

They say we don't need representation. 

But for a kid that feels ashamed of speaking Spanish, seeing a play in her language might be what she needs to feel part of this community. 

What do you say?

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Latinx, cutting-edge, contemporary works make up the IATI repertoire. Our productions feature the collaborative passions of emerging and established Latinx artists.

Play Development Program
For the past 20 years, we have supported hundreds of writers with staged readings, workshops and artistic guidance.

Kids Shows
We create magical new plays with puppets, masks, dance and music for children aged 4-10. Our travelling troupe of scrappy actors tours the shows through schools, libraries, and other venues. The plays foster mutual respect for all persons, broadens understanding of ourselves, celebrates Latinx cultural heritage, and engages students’ imagination and creativity. 

Art Workshops for Seniors
We bring theater, dance, music and art education programs to senior centers all over the city. Classes include: Acting, Ensemble Theatre, Playwriting, Stage Combat, Tango, Viewpoint Technique, Voice/Breathing Techniques, Body Movement, and Latin Dance Swing.

Women Celebration
In March, we shine a light on the traditionally-overlooked power and persistence of women of color, female immigrants, and working female artists. Events include a panel discussing the role of women in art, a spoken word reading by female writers, and a curated exhibition of female artists. 

Pride Celebration
In June, we celebrate Gay Pride month by offering a platform to a diverse group of LGBTQ+ artists, inviting the audience to visit their imaginations and be part of their stories. Events include site-specific performance art, a panel discussion on queer artists, and a curated exhibition by LGBTQ+ artists.

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About the Organization

IATI Theater is a NY-based performing arts company, founded in 1968. Its mission is to create, develop and present new theatrical productions by contemporary Latinx artists. It uses theater, music and dance from different heritages to address current issues facing NYC's Latinxs, strengthening community engagement and social awareness. Through education and outreach programs, IATI seeks to serve as a bridge between artists and under-served communities, bringing art to those in economic, ethnic and social isolation.