Support youth in the workforce to change their lives and build our communities! Help LITE create opportunities for young people to work in our local community.

Youth working in their communities helps them understand the value of working and providing for themselves and their families. It is a community's responsibility to create opportunities that help motivate, instruct, and support young people in the workforce. In today's economic climate, job seeking and job stability can be challenges for anyone, at any age. However, opportunity youth between the ages of 16 and 24 tend to struggle finding jobs and/or staying on jobs. LITE provides opportunities for youth to develop transferable employment skills.

LITE works with local businesses to employ youth who need the experience, the training, and the money to advance into upward mobile employment. 

Leaders In Transformational Education (LITE) is dedicated to helping those young people transform into well-trained and confident employees that provide support services for community event planners and vendors. LITE works directly with local communities to employ youth who need the direction, need the support, and need the finances.

I AM THE LITE is a campaign that will encourage community leaders to give youth a chance to enter and grow in the workforce. Donating to this initiative will put several young people to work.

Why does this really matter? If young people enter the workforce well-trained and prepared, they are more likely to have stable employment. Working youth are more likely to be independent from state aid, more likely to make positive contribution to the community, and more likely to deter from delinquent behaviors. These factors contribute to greater, stronger communities and more young people thriving and becoming successful. 

Most young people feel discouraged when it comes to job seeking, job training, and job security. These young people need your help!

Young people are the LITE of our futures. They are our future construction workers. Business owners. Medical professionals. Aldermen. Teachers. Young people should be able to rely on their local communities to support them in the workforce. Please donate, and help us help them!

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September 24, 2019

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