Hunter College Senior Legacy Campaign 2020

A fundraising campaign for Hunter College

in support of the Coronavirus Emergency Assistance Fund. Help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 with the support of 350 individual donors!

Please note that the Office of Alumni Relations has postponed merchandise pick-up until further notice. Donors will be notified, and the location will be specified, when merchandise pick-up resumes. If you have any questions, email

What is the 2020 Senior Legacy Campaign? 

Every year, Hunter’s new graduates join together and give back to the school that has given us so much. Members of the Senior Legacy Committee help decide where the funds will go.

This year, the money raised will support Hunter’s Coronavirus Emergency Assistance Fund for students in need. This fund has already provided laptops, rent, food money and other vital aid to our fellow students.


But the need has been so great that the fund is now depleted. In response, we have set the goal of raising $10,000+ to help Hunter students get through the ongoing crisis, continue their education, and earn the Hunter degrees we’ve all worked so hard for.

Make a donation and receive a gift!*

Donate $5 and receive a Hunter Legacy laptop sticker!**

Donate $15 and receive a Hunter Legacy water bottle!*

Donate $20.20 and receive a 2020 Hunter Legacy t-shirt!**

Donate $35 and receive the Hunter Legacy Bundle with all 3 items!

Items are available for pick up while supplies last. 

**T-Shirts are available in sizes S-XXL

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